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Cherry Hill Personal Trainer Discusses How to Make Your New Year’s Goals a Reality!

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How to Finally Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution Fitness Goals Continued!

Last week we went over a couple ways to finally make your new year’s resolution goals a reality. This week we will break down two more quick and easy fixes to get you finally achieving your new year’s resolution goals.

Avoid Crash Dieting:

Crash dieting is very common. You get so excited about your goals, you drop your calories too quickly in hopes of losing weight fast. This approach may work for a few weeks but is not sustainable past that. You will most likely break down and start binging on all the foods you have been restraining from. This will lead to reverting back to your old ways. Instead try dropping your calories slowly and focusing on healthy choices (not salad all day every day). Eat a balanced diet including lean meats, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

Avoid Overtraining:

Overtraining is very common in the first few weeks of a new workout routine. Again you are so excited to reach your goal you work out too much starting out. Especially if you are new to exercise or haven’t exercised regularly in a while you need to ease your way into it. Going as hard as you can day one will likely induce extreme muscle soreness. This will hinder future workouts, if you can even get up and get to the gym. Instead starting out slower will prep your body to exercise regularly again setting yourself up for long term success!

 Written By:Robert Jost NSCA-cpt, ACE-cpt

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