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Off-Season 2021

Specific training for the advanced athlete

The Training Regimen

We are back another year, and excited with the many additions we have added to increase the value and results for each player coming through our off-season programing. Our goal is to have each one of the players go back and be at the top the list for performance on and off the ice.

Off Ice Component:
Our off ice program is unlimited visits weekly but guaranteed 4 sessions a week present with a trainer. We keep the groups small, no more than 8 per group.
Every player has their individual program they are to complete prior to session start, to increase their efficiency of movement and prep for the training session.
Monday-Thursday is the Mandatory completion of the program.
Friday is our challenge day, we see how we are progressing from a fitness and performance standpoint.
Saturday and Sunday are days to catch up in case one or two days were missed that week.
Saturday and Sunday are also available for reaction and extra help.

On Ice component:
There will be an on ice component that can be added to your training package. If you're interested to add skating skills to the training program, please Contact Kvaks@trainingaspects.com. We'll have more details on this by April 1!

The TA Training Experience

weight loss and healthy habits for athletic and personal performance.

Why Training Aspects?

Benefits & Results

Pricing for TA Programming

It is our goal for each player to enter the season with total confidence and without any regret or question of could they have done more? To help develop the confidence, we allow each player to come to Training Aspects 6 days a week, through the off season. Each player is asked to commit to 4 days a week, However, with the way we program the workouts, they are welcome to come in Monday-Sunday (look above to training regimen for breakdown of schedule.) We offer our unlimited program, so no matter the player, we can get as much as needed, to unleash their true potential.

We take huge pride in the work we put in, as well as, the support we provide. To continue the quality and give each player the support needed, we will continue to have small groups of no more than 8 athletes per session. However, to continue with the small groups, we have to limit how many players we can accept into the program, this off-season. This is the only way to continue to bring the same value and results that we have been able to sustain over the years.

This is extremely important to us and we’re sure it is to you, as well.

 The early registration is for the TAfam, before we open registration to new players. To reserve your hockey player’s spot, we ask for a registration payment of $450 (registration is non-refundable). The Off-Season program is $1,600 from June through August. Early registers get $250 off to make the total for the summer $1350 rather than the $1600! As a Thank you for your commitment to us.
The payments may be paid monthly but payment must be completed by the first of the month. All payments must be completed by August 1st. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! 
We have been extremely fortunate to have a culture ofhigh intensity, high competition and a place the athletes love to come to. We look forward to continuing that trend and having another high powered and extremely focused off season!
The Training Aspects Team,