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Are Your Landing Mechanics the Missing Link to Top Sports Performance?

So you’ve been working on your speed, power and explosiveness all season but have you actually been getting the most out of it? If you haven’t perfected your landing mechanics and ground contact on every stride, then you’re minimizing your playmaking capability and setting yourself up for potential injury.

What Does Landing Mechanics Mean?

Landing mechanics are what allows your body to set you up for the next move or bring your body to an effective stop. Whether it be a straight forward jump, lateral jump, a cut/juke move, or coming to a complete stop, how you land and the set up dictates the next move. 

How Will It Improve Sports Performance?

Landing mechanics are one of the biggest factors that can immediately improve your performance. If you can efficiently absorb the forces your putting into the ground with every step, juke and landing then you can effectively explode out of that move like a loaded spring. This leads to a more efficient and effective juke, and stride. To put it simple you use less energy and make more plays.

How Can It Reduce My Injury Risk?

 Landing is crucial to staying healthy and keeping yourself on the field or ice. Over time that landing issue, even if it’s minuscule, will lead to injury. For example, if your knees are collapsing inward every time you land,  this creates excessive force on your knee joints. Over time, this may lead to problems such as an ACL, MCL or meniscus tear. If you’re effectively landing with all joints aligned, then you’re more likely to stay healthy and dominate the game.

Here is a breakdown of proper landing mechanics.

Bad: Knees Collapsing in                                Good: Knees Aligned

Written By: 

Robert Jost


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