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7 Training Myths further reviewed

7 personal training myths: 


Personal training myth #1 

“I don’t like my arms.  Therefore, if I do arm exercises, my arms will become lean.” It makes sense, just like A+B= C. Unless, A+B=C only assuming D, given E, with F > 0.  The point is if you don’t take everything necessary into account, you won’t see your expected result.   Math analogy aside, this is what I normally hear about training.  Spot training— sculpting a specific area such as the arms, only works if you have already burned all the fat needed to see muscle. Work your large muscle groups and increase your lean muscle tissue.  This will help you accomplish the prerequisite of burning the fat to then begin sculpting.

Training Aspects Voorhees Cherry Hill Marlton Personal Trainer

Personal training myth #2

Counting calories will help me lose wei—stop!  Pretend you just woke up and you see two trays of food looking at you (wouldn’t it be nice?). Tray one: two chocolate-frosted donuts (Yum!).  Tray two: 3 egg whites, a slice of whole wheat toast, greek yogurt with berries, tomatoes and hot tea (delicious and healthy!).  Now, if I was to ask you which one has more calories, what would you say?  One tray has a variety of foods on it.  The other has a specific food.  If your answer was tray one, you are incorrect.  If your answer was tray two, you also are incorrect.  They possess the same amount of calories.  The difference is that you receive an assortment of valuable, energy packed nutrients as opposed to the insulin spike and crash nutrients.  Note , that “calories in Vs. calories out” is not a myth.  However, as in the first example, there are a number of factors that are overlooked.  Control your portion sizes and analyze how much nutritional value you receive from the food you eat.

Personal training myth #3

Eating healthy is too expensive, plus, it doesn’t taste good!  Let’s do this one in a few parts. “’Eating healthy’, and ‘is too expensive’”.  You do not need to buy all organic food (also, just because it’s organic does not make it healthy). Do the best you can within your budget.  Secondly, eating healthy does not have to taste like cardboard and wood chips. You can still eat lasagna, just with a few ingredients substituted, and yes, it still tastes great.

Personal Training myth #4

Training Aspects Voorhees Cherry Hill Marlton Personal TrainerStop eating before 6pm.  This is another myth which was only half analyzed when it was established.  To lose weight, usually, you want to speed up your metabolism, right? However, if you stop eating at 6 pm, don’t go to sleep until 11 pm and you wake up at 6am but don’t eat until 7 am, you are going over 12 hours without eating. The point to this myth was to stop people from midnight snacking, which is all well and good.  The problem is many people go to sleep at different times.  If  the no food past 6 pm works for you, then adjust and evolve it.  Limit yourself to small portions of lean protein sources, nuts, seeds, and vegetables after 6.

Next week we will unveil the last 3 of the 7 myths.


By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns 


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