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Improving hockey performance varies for each individual, but one consistent factor is the foundational ability to move effectively. Whether it’s increasing foot speed, getting stronger in the corners, improving speed, or enhancing shot power—all common needs for developing hockey players—dry land training proves invaluable. Directly focusing on the athlete’s needs allows for remarkable results. Pairing hockey with another sport that demands similar movements for success, such as boxing, can reinforce these skills exceptionally well.


Understanding how to shift weight and produce high force effectively is unparalleled. Boxing footwork drills emphasize speed and endurance, demanding athletes to move quickly and sustain activity levels throughout training. Improved foot speed, stamina, and cardiovascular fitness are beneficial attributes in any sport requiring bursts of speed and sustained effort, including hockey.

Punch Power Production:

Boxing training emphasizes developing rotational power and speed, crucial for hockey players. Boxers generate force through rapid rotation of the hips, torso, and shoulders, enabling them to deliver powerful punches with precision and speed. Similar training techniques can benefit hockey players by enhancing rotational power during shooting, passing, quick turns, and hitting. Understanding how to execute a cross, hook, or uppercut facilitates athletic development without over-teaching, simplifying the transition for hockey players to shooting, passing, and hitting.

Change of Direction:

Boxing for hockey players

Boxers utilize lateral movement and angles to change direction and create openings for counterattacks. Stepping to the side or pivoting allows boxers to avoid oncoming punches and position themselves for effective strikes. Efficiently generating power from different angles is essential for any athlete, particularly hockey players. Training on and off the ice, combined with boxing, reinforces confidence in athletic ability and maximizes performance potential.

Increasing athletic ability is crucial for executing the demands of any sport effectively. Off-ice training enhances athletic prowess, enabling mastery of movements. Incorporating another sport with similar demands, yet individual-based like boxing, aids in developing and mastering essential skills.


Written by: 

Kirill Vaks CSCS

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