3 sports performance alternatives to your favorite exercises

3 sports performance alternatives to your favorite exercises

3 Sports Performance Alternatives to Your Favorite Exercises

Three popular exercises, you see regularly … here is the alternative to train movement not muscle.

3 sports performance alternatives to your favorite exercises

1.Bench Press

The universal male hang out/lift spot, the bench press. Weight rooms, big box gyms, garage home gyms, the bench press is usually a staple to any facility.

The bench press is a nice exercise. The question is how can we make it more mobile and movement effective?


2. The Cable Pull down

A strong exercise and is safe for the majority of people to perform. It’s like lifting yourself up but not ;-). Try this reverse bear crawl pull. This will add more core stability and movement into your pull.


3. Up right shoulder press.

A good exercise to build isolated overhead pressing strength. Add explosive power from the hips with the landmine explosive press. Recruit more muscles including the glutes and core. This will improve movement throughout the entire body. Leading to an increase in calorie burn and improved overall performance.


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