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Weight loss Vs. Body fat loss..Life Style change!

Body fat vs weight loss

Weight loss Versus Body fat loss!

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Body weight, the number on the scale, is the reference point for anyone looking to lose weight.  Body weight can fluctuate.  To put that into perspective, MMA fighters, boxers, wrestlers, etc.  whether professional or hobbyists, are able to lose ten pounds for their weigh-ins the night before a match.  The next day, they’ll put the weight back on to have the edge over their competition (Training Aspects does not recommend this, but that’s a different topic for a different day).   A person’s weight can fluctuate ten  pounds, depending on what you’re eating, drinking, and doing.  Increasing fiber, water intake and decreasing sodium can easily make your weight fluctuate ten pounds, in accordance with a cardio program will help you lose weight.  However, what kind of weight are you losing?  Is your goal to lose weight on the scale, and be able to brag about that number, or have people compliment you on your physique and have visible results, or more importantly, to have the confidence in yourself in whatever task/activity is in front of you.  For instance, “I’m not in good enough shape to go hiking” or “I’m not strong enough to help you move”.  Don’t allow your weight to hold you back.

Body fat, is also used as a reference point.  When people talk about losing weight, body fat is usually what people are referring to. Though subconsciously body fat is the goal, psychologically something about that scale causes people to doubt their success.  Body fat as a reference point means you are only getting rid of the extra (aka storage).  This leaves room to develop lean muscle tissue(get more toned; get more muscle bound whatever your final goal is), instead of lose it and slow your metabolism down.

Why doesn’t everyone test body fat? Currently, the most effective ways to test body fat are too expensive for the majority of the population.  Instead, doctors and many trainers use BMI (Body Mass Index), a cookie cutter approach, that gives you a standard height weight for you to fall into.  For this reason, the emphasis is on your current  body weight.

Though they may be less effective, there are other options.  Even if they are not as effective, they give you a stronger reference point.  Check your body fat, not your weight!

Body Fat analysis Tools

Body fat vs weight loss

Body fat analysis analyzer: hand held or tested through the soles of your feet, it sends an impulse through your body (you won’t feel a thing) and will give you a body fat reading.  The idea is that the less  fat you have, the quicker it will send the impulse through your body, since fat is harder to travel through.  Percent error: 3-5%

Calipers: Slightly more expensive and slightly larger than tweezers. By pinching specific areas on the body you are given a measurement.


After recording the measurements, you calculate the total, which will give you a number that represents the body fat range you are in. This form of testing is usually more accurate than the body fat analyzer, but depends on the person’s experience conducting the tests. Percent of error 3%.

Tape measurements:  Yep the old school tape measurer! Mark the spot, totally relax the area, no making a muscle and measure,( make sure you measure in the same spot the next time). This is a much better form of testing than the scale!  As many know, muscle weighs more than fat. If you’re not losing weight  but your losing inches that is the first sign of body fat being lost!

Just live the lifestyle: Stop weighing yourself altogether! Test yourself by what kind of shape you’re in. How far you can run how many squats, pushups, how many times you can jog/ sprint, can you squat with your arms over your head and not have them lean forward. Test your flexibility, strength, strength endurance, cardio, agility, speed.. etc.

In conclusion, don’t check the scale—focus on your body fat makeup .  Stop  making your fitness goals a sprint, and instead make them a marathon; commit to the long haul!  If you live the lifestyle, you will not only look as you’ve always desired, but also move and feel the way you’ve always desired! 

“Fitness goals should not be a Sprint, they should be a marathon.”

Next week How to Focus on losing Body fat!

By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns  

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