Weight loss Habits:Top 5 Don’ts

Get in shape, lose weight and lose body fat. Body fat loss is important.

Top 5 weight loss don’ts

Habits will form the foundation for success or failure.  Even though it may seem like  common sense, this is not a trivial topic.  These five habits can sabotage any man or woman’s weight-loss ambitions.

Get in shape, lose weight and lose body fat. Body fat loss is important.

Personal trainer don’t #1:

Don’t keep any food by the bed.  When someone is idle, whether in bed, relaxing, watching TV, or whatever else, he or she may reach for food—and not because he or she is hungry, but because food is there.  Do not do this.

Personal trainer don’t #2:

Don’t eat out of the bag or container.  A bag of chips (no matter how healthy they are) has a serving size of at least two per bag.  Eating from the bag increases the likelihood of eating the entire bag, or at least more than one serving.  Now imagine a bag that says six servings per bag (yikes!).  Get a small plastic bag and put one serving of the original bag into it, and then put the original bag away.  After that, anybody who wants more will have to get up to get more, so in the case of the six-serving bag, a person will have to get up six times.  This will not happen.

Personal trainer don’t #3

Don’t drink your Calories.  Snapple, soda, beer, juices, not only are calorie packed, but they have a number extra ingredients which do not help in any way. One regular bottle of Snapple is equal to having around 50 grams of sugar and in total around 200 Calories.  Stick to water, with no added sugar or any other extra ingredient. For taste, use teas, mineral water, and if needed, add a freshly squeezed fruit.

Personal trainer don’t #4

Don’t keep it in the house.  This one is an extension of the first one.  People have to go grocery shopping, so when shopping for groceries, abstain from buying anything unhealthy.  If “goodies” are for kids, a significant other, visitors, or the like, it does them no favors.  Junk food should not be present in the house.  When expecting company, plan for the occasion and attempt to minimize expected leftovers.  For a family, this habit is best built early.  Whenever there’s a surprise planned for the kids, go out to get it, just don’t store it in the house. The less the readily available junk in the house, the less the chance you will over indulge. Storage in the house means storage in your body (aka FAT).

Personal trainer don’t #5

Don’t eat one-minute anything.  If something needs only one minute in the microwave, it loses its health value.  Period.  There’s a reason that real oatmeal and real brown rice take longer than that (sometimes up to 30 minutes) to prepare. Generally, try to avoid instant-microwaved food of any sort, and if need be, at least eat that which takes five minutes to prepare ( non-microwave based).

If any of these apply to you, break the habit, and  you will see the difference.  Set yourself up for success and you will succeed.

By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns  

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