Voorhees Cherry Hill Boot Camp

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Voorhees, NJ June 19, 2013 – Training Aspects, Voorhees’ best personal training and elite sports performance company, is reserving spots for a body challenge class (similar to a boot camp but with Training Aspects formula and proper personal training techniques)  in a Voorhees, New Jersey area near you. The personal training program called Body challenge is currently set to take place in the old Ballys’ parking lot outside of smoothie king in Voorhees, NJ. The body challenge program is set to run one day on the weekend from June 28th- August 31st at 11am.

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The body challenge program will have a certified personal trainer and certified strength conditioning coach, who will motivate you to achieve results you never believed were possible. The majority of the exercises will be of high intensity and with the beautiful voorhees summer weather you may want to bring a sweat rag and a water bottle. Whether you just want to get back into shape or looking to take your current fitness capabilities to a new level, Training Aspects will modify the program for your fitness needs.
Training Aspects’ body challenge class has the intensity of a boot camp but zones in on fat burning, increased muscle, endurance and strength. The program stresses proper body alignment and range of motion various body weight exercise for improved body movement as well as great personal training and sports performance tools such as the TRX and Kettlebells. With our personal trainers instruction will not be a problem no matter your training experience. Voorhees, New Jersey’s best workout program will be different each time, we love to keep you guessing!  If you are ready to challenge yourself, sweat and get into amazing shape.  Contact us now! Spots are limited to the first 10 participants.

$15 per Boot camp session


$10 a boot camp session if you buy 4 sessions ($40) for the month.

Get results with Training Aspects personal training

Training Aspects is the home of personal trainers and sports performance coaches who not only have the education and experience but also live the lifestyle. Each Training Aspects Personal trainer and sports performance coach is ready to create a program for success, guide you through it and keep you motivated through the process!  We know what it takes and our personal training staff and sports performance coaches have the education to take you to the next level! Contact us now and see for yourself!

Personal training Cherry Hill – Haddonfield – Philadelphia – Somerdale and surrounding  South Jersey areas!

Visit us:
Inside of the Flyers Training Center
601 Laurel Oak Rd.
Voorhees, NJ 08043

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