Unveiling the Power Within: What Boxing Can Do for You

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“A Retired Fighter’s Testimonial”

What Boxing Means to Me:

Initially, I was a 6-year-old kid who found himself on the receiving end of bullying. Having a tough and very protective dad, he knew that the best way to face my opponents would be teaching me how to defend myself. That’s when I was introduced to the world of boxing, but not like the average kid. My dad was a young, retired fighter from West Philadelphia.

Build confidence through boxing:

First, in order to boost or develop my self-confidence, Dad took me to the infamous Passyunk Boxing Gym in South Philly. There, I witnessed my dad go to war with some real warriors. The entire gym was full of professionals and ranked contenders, and everyone in the gym could fight! When he finished his training for the day, we’d go home and head to the basement. And that’s where he began to teach me.

After just a few weeks of working with him on extreme basic fundamentals, one of the neighborhood bullies singled me out again. Only, this time, the outcome was a little different! That day, I won my first street fight, fair and square!

Be humble- a fighter doesn’t need to talk about how he fights:

As the years continued, Dad never ceased to work with me daily. In time, I started to develop a love for the art of combat. This newfound passion I embraced did not make me a bully but just the opposite, a gentleman. No one knew I was receiving “personal training” from my dad. No one knew I was learning how to box. One of the first lessons I learned was that “fighters don’t talk. You don’t need to tell people you can fight. People will know just by the way you carry yourself!” That has stuck with me all my life.

In 1983, I enlisted in the US Army. While overseas in Germany, I signed up for my very first Boxing Smoker. In the excitement and anticipation of gaining my first officially sanctioned bout, I called home and told my dad. A few days later, I received a package from home. The contents of the package consisted of a new robe, trunks, cup, and shoes. Needless to say, I felt like an instant champ. Once again, my dad came through! On the night of my fight, everything that I had been taught from childhood came together. I scored a 1st-round KO.

All Army Boxing Champ, Amateur Boxing, Boxer, Boxing Training
Boxing’s mark, left on me:

Over the years, I gained over 100 amateur bouts with only 4 defeats. I then made the decision to turn professional, gaining a record of 14 and 1. Life, however, continued to do what it does and presented many uncomfortable situations throughout the years. All of which were more mental and financial challenges. But, if it had not been for the discipline I developed over years or all the physical training, life would have KO’d me! The art and passion of boxing built a solid foundation of mental toughness in me that no one has been able to break. That’s what the art of boxing has done for me.

Written by:

Thomas E. Kennedy Jr.
Retired Fighter

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