Training for a Lifestyle change

Personal Training for a Lifestyle change

Personal Fitness Life Style Change

Beach season, important try out, big competition, New Year’s resolutions, need to fit into my dress, the many people I meet daily. Once in a while I receive one of these goals at least with 6 weeks to work with, often it’s a week or two away. All challenges are accepted, however not all challenges are attainable. If you’re invited to a life changing tryout for a sport/dance etc. why not prepare for it right away? “But Kirill, I wanted to do it myself! I have youtube, muscle magazine, and the guy who carries a jug around the gym and stares at himself in the mirror. I thought I could do it myself!” If you have electric problems, you call a trusted electrician, your pipes are leaking you call a plumber, you need surgery you go to a surgeon… Why would your fitness and performance be any different. “ Kirill, training is easy! Lift heavy things and put them down, run really fast, sweat a lot, make sure you cant walk or move the next day, and you’ll get results!”.

Personal Training for a Lifestyle change

I always look to motivate, never discourage. A strong work ethic is one of my favorite characteristics in a person. Sometimes, believe it or not, increasing the intensity only sets you back. To stick with the analogy we used in our last article, if you finish one side of the rubics cube, you will still have to start over because the other colors of the cube are still in disarray.

An extreme change … No, a lifestyle change! What if you’re just always prepared? What if instead of dieting you always eat well without depriving yourself? What if you are always just 4-6 weeks from your best? I know, crazy thoughts. You don’t need a crazy gym membership, you don’t need to spend all day at the gym (if you train at Training Aspects, you’ll probably want to stay all day). A fitness and nutrition program can be developed specifically to your needs and various segments of your year. This way no matter how soon you need to be prepared, you’re just a few weeks away from your best.

Many programs focus on the lets get it done now, no matter the results you get, imagine those results had they not been rushed. Not only looks but less stress on your joints, less stress on your mindset and hormones allowing for optimum results! It is always nice to take a shortcut. Whether you compete in a sport, competition or are a regular person with regular goals, why not always be confident in your abilities and overall self?

You may be reading this rant and thinking he’s right, he’s wrong or just reading due to boredom. No matter, find out how you can incorporate fitness into you busy schedule, I promise it doesn’t mean you’ll need to take an hour out of your day. There are many ways to achieve success but the best way is to find a way to live the lifestyle change not change your whole life for a couple months of the year!

Written By: Kirill Vaks

Fitness Specialist


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