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Every few months, the fitness industry lets out a new super nutrient/vegetable/food/workout, usually some new “Amazing” product. The cure or solution to everyone’s health and fitness problems. Interestingly, 6-8 months later, there is a new and better product/service. There is no 1 product that is the solution to every problem. A person that is overweight and gets surgery, did not fix what created the original problem. It’s just one piece of the whole health fitness and life puzzle. Rearranging the life puzzle, schedule, people that surround the individual, work, work activities, events, kids, etc. are all pieces that may need to be Altered.

Altering the Life puzzle:

Before we begin, this is not specific or direct advice. This article is here to share some tips and be a helpful place to start, it’s not meant to be life advice! *DO not* cut off your family and or quit your job. That is not what we’re saying. Altering the life puzzle means adjusting areas that may be unneeded, unproductive, ineffective or little return. These changes take time and progressions… There is no overnight change

Each person has their own obstacles and journey to achieve success. That journey is priceless and is what allows the individual to truly look back and appreciate what was achieved! Before you start , it’s important to go into this exercise with an open mind, don’t assume you know why and lead yourself to your original assumption (though you may be right). No excuses, *Age is not an excuse*. There are many people that are in the best shape of their life and they are in their 50s and 60s. Spouse,Kids can make things difficult, this is true… however, people find a way to do it and there are many examples (no not just celebrities).  Sooo, with that said. Start by doing this by yourself, then without showing your answers. Ask a person that was present at the time. They may have some insight  that you may have forgotten or over looked. 

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Grab paper and pen: The habit questions of success

Question 1: Past success: When were you in the best shape of your life? 

  •  Identify the people that were most prominent in your life at the time
    • Why were they with you so much
    • Besides they were a good friend.. What specifically, not just they were a nice person. Tangible attributes that was truly valuable for your relationship.
  •  what activities were consistent in your week (every activity is important*) were you an athlete, dancer, went out often.
  •  What habits were present?  Worked out every morning, Dunkin coffee on the way to class or work, on the go meals or meal prepping, long walk to class or work because of parking spot, didn’t drink or not often , went to the club/dances, had a dog and took it for long walks.. The more details the better*
  • Commitments, stresses, obligations and schedule, what kind of commitments were there then?
    • If there were no commitments obligations don’t worry about this one. (still complete the whole exercise before coming to a conclusion…(Time and age is not an excuse)

Question 2– Present day: what changed? Everything that was written for the time you were in the best shape of your life to what a regular day looks like now: weekday, weekend, holiday etc.

Question 3–  What is, currently, holding you back?  

  • Write everything down no matter how minuscule it is.
    • people
      • What are they doing that makes you feel they’re holding you back
      • Why are they important 
      • How much time is needed to be spent with them compared to other important people in your life
    • Activities
      • What activities are present
      • Why are they important 
      • How much time is put towards those tasks
    • Schedule-(If you don’t keep a schedule this is a good time to start)
      • What are the important tasks and not so important tasks in the schedule
      • Why are those tasks in the schedule and can they be adjusted
      • How much time is needed to be spent in those tasks
    • Social settings
      • What are the settings and what behaviors occur (good or bad)
      • Why are they needed
      • How much time is needed in those events
    • Commitments
      • What are the  commitments
      • Why are they needed 
      • How can they be altered

Question 4: Of everything that was written, mark the easiest changes (that can be completed relatively soon if not right away) to the most challenging changes (as mentioned earlier nothing happens overnight, It may take some time to retrain the person, situation or commitment).

Now That you collected the data, reflected and have the easiest to most challenging changes, start creating your road map. How will you take action?!

Start there, but give yourself a time and day you will revisit this list (3-4 weeks) and see how you are doing. If all is moving well, see if you’d like to make a few more changes. However, if your results are coming along and you’re not worried about a plateau, keep going! Still make sure to go back and revisit this sheet in another 3-4 weeks. Keep yourself accountable.

healthy habits for successCreate a health and fitness vision with a road map:

Create a vision for yourself, journal it every morning, remind yourself of what the plan is and *why you choose* to work towards it rather than why you *Have to do it*.. No one likes to be forced into something but everyone loves to choose. Example.. Friend: Hey, do you want dessert? You: No, it looks delicious but I’m on a diet, thank you …. Or…. Friend: Hey, you want dessert? You: No, dessert does look delicious but the meal was great and I’m full, so I’ll pass but thank you!

The choice empowers you and diffuses the other people to try to sell you on breaking your diet (most people don’t like hearing a friend is on a diet, whether it’s their own insecurities or they really want you to try something they made… better not to mention anything about a “diet”). Don’t make it harder for yourself than it has to be! 

This exercise allows you to truly understand your weaknesses and strengths. It will help identify why and what has changed besides the regular excuses of “I’m too busy” and “I’m just older now”.  Seeing the difference on paper will help you understand what needs to be done. Then, if you choose to invest in your health, you have a better understanding of what is needed and can set realistic expectations that you can commit to.

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