The New years Phenomenon 2013

New years Get results with Training Aspects Personal trainers near you
New years Get results with Training Aspects Personal trainers near you

In last year’s article “The New Year’s Phenomenon” I shared 3 tips that could build a successful base for your New Year’s resolution,  1. Qualified guidance, 2. Specific to broad goal setting  3. Just do it..Now! I’m going to assume these three were a staple of your program, so we will move on to the next big adjustment to the program, if they weren’t add them now (not January 1st !!)

Many receive great insight, and they get excited for the outcome.  In theory, it may be great insight but many times there are obstacles which are overlooked and or miscalculated. That is when we must find a way to endure! “Persist without exception” ~ Andy Andrews.

An overlooked obstacle can be paralyzing for even the biggest optimist. Why? It stops you in your tracks! How many times have you kept strong with your diet for a lengthy amount oftime and all the sudden one lapse and now you’ve fallen off the tracks. Or you wake up 5 days a week at 6 am to work out and after a few months you miss one day.  All the sudden  you’re sleeping in more than you’re making it into the gym. Your momentum has ceased! Movement takes energy and when you are doing really well, it may be hard to motivate yourself to get back up to the pace you were holding, not  to mention exceed that pace. Growth requires movement; so here are a few tips to not lose pace.

  1. Excuses! An excuse gives you comfort, though there is nothing wrong with being comfortable, there is something wrong with being comfortable for the wrong reasons. You guessed it.. excuses are the wrong reason. “It’s a holiday”, “My bed is warm”, “I’m kind of tired”, “ I’ve been doing really well, I can skip this one day” etc. Be honest, you know the difference and you’re not helping yourself!
  2. Support. Find someone who you respect and will help you stay on track. This way there is support and you don’t feel like you’re in it on your own. It’s important to self-motivate, however, there is nothing wrong with having some help! Everyone has their weak days and on those days that support could be vital to your success.
  1. Get Creative. When an obstacle presents itself, find a way around it, climb over it, blow it up! But running straight into it,  99.9% of the time, will not work (unless you’re the hulk). You may not have found it yet, but There is always a solution..
  2. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It took a certain amount of time for you to become how you are today, it’s going to take a certain amount of time to get to where you want to be.  Realize there will be progressions, so start off small! But do not wait , Just do it.. now!
  3. Keep Moving Forward:  Obstacles will always arise, the difference between success and failure is the ability to keep going. As mentioned in earlier articles. Health is not a luxury it is a necessity. In the world we currently live in we must always make time for it, otherwise we will pay for it in the long run. Once you start your goal, the worst thing you can do is set a deadline. Take the goal in stride, your health is most important and for that reason you must make it a priority!

The New Year’s phenomenon is one of the most disappointing statistics. Only 8% of people actually accomplish their goal ( That doesn’t mention the amount of people who at least maintain their goal after completion. This year be one of the 8% that will accomplish their goal and then keeps moving forward!

By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns 

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