Serving size guidance

Serving size guidance

Serving Size vs. Portion Size

First world problems. When a child doesn’t finish their food, ” starving kids in (insert 3rd world country)” Understanding the difference between  a serving size and a portion size can help get your diet back on track. I was once asked randomly, at a favorite Wawa in the area, “if you go to buy a slice of pizza and the owner of the pizza shop offers you a whole pizza for only a dollar more than you would pay for your single slice. Would you take it?” Now… I love a deal. Deals in other areas of our lives are great!  “Did you hear the deal I got on this apartment?!”…” Yeah, I got a steal of a deal for my car” “See this shirt i got it for 78% off!”. A “great deal” is always appreciated, however, when it comes to your portion size, don’t look for a deal! If you want one slice of pizza, don’t buy a pie. If you order pasta and you get a full bowl of it, that doesn’t mean you should eat all of it.

Serving size guidance

Understanding what your body needs and what it doesn’t, is essential. Leptin has been popular in the media as the culprit. For others, it may just be a lack of knowledge. To start, use the chart above as a reference. When making a salad, don’t use a bottle of dressing, use a shot glass. Put yourself in the best position to win and winning will be inevitable.

Bonus tip:

Food logging, whether in the notes of your phone, hand written journal or an application (Training Aspects nutrition app). Logging is one of the best ways to truly understand the dynamics of a diet.  It’ll take 10minutes out of your day, suck it up and look at the bright side. The issue in nutrition will instantly appear.

Written By: Kirill Vaks

Fitness Specialist


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