Resistance bands and the focused mindset


Hockey resistance band training, The distraction overcoming mindset

It’s hot outside, 96degrees and humid. You’re driving by and you see a couple guys doing sprints in hoodies. Thoughts?? “those guys are crazy..They’re going to pass out”, probably one of the first thoughts… but Why? It’s already hot out, why add a hoodie. Mind set, focus, applying your performance to various pressures to test your own ability to keep yourself at a high intensity and dominate even when the mind tells you, it’s hot, I’m tired, I need a break. Quick note before we go on**Do not do this on your own, No matter how advanced you believe you are there needs to be an understanding of the technique**  Ok, with that said lets get into it. How often is the player that is amazing on paper and shows up to the easy games but mentally can’t come through in critical games? Talent is extremely important but the ability to simplify the game and focus in on the specifics,  block out all other distractions is what separates the skilled hockey players and the Elite hockey players.


The actual in game experience and challenges are essential and that’s where you’ll get better at blocking out the other teams fans booing you, the little cheap shots, the scout(s) that may be up in the stands, what your own teammates might be saying to you and all those other little nuances that your brain has to process. If a person doesn’t live that ability to block out all distractions and learn to focus in on the prize, then they are less equipped to improve in those high pressure situations. Training the muscle we call *focus* ,it can be trained, is what will help separate you from the others. The guys on the bench that focus strictly on how they can get their line to create havoc on the next shift and not stop until the final buzzer, instead of the players caught up in the drama/pressure surrounding the game.

Incorporate obstacles into your daily activities that even with distractions (Not While driving!!) your focus stays on task. Our minds have the ability to actively think about 5-9 things at one time. That means any extra drama or processing takes away our ability to focus on the main goal. Train your mind’s ability to focus on the main objective.

What does mindset and resistance band training have in common.Resistance bands can be extremely helpful from a movement perspective, increasing your power output, understanding your technique but one benefit that usually isn’t mentioned, is your  thought process when you’re sprinting/skating with a band holding you back? If you’re thinking about how annoying the band, we need to change that, your focus is off. Blocking out the “noise” training is an advanced technique which if incorporated properly into all facets of your life your on ice game will improve dramatically. More on this in the coming articles, here are a few basic drills, remember, master the drill as if there is no band around your hips.

**Mind set training within sports performance techniques are advanced and  as mentioned in the hoodie example, do not try these without proper progressions and always better to have an expert in the area guide you through the progressions. Extreme techniques may be dangerous.**

Kirill Vaks

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