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Cherry Hill Personal trainer top 3 weight loss tips

Body fat vs weight loss

If you have hit a wall in your weight loss goals, here are three simple tips which may help you overcome your plateau. Doing the same workout program, depriving yourself of the same amount of Calories without a change in diet. But what is the true reason behind this enigma we call weight loss? Well you’re about to find out! We are going to break down the top three reasons for your stall in weight loss and how to finally fix it!

Weight loss problem 1 – Your Diet

I’m sure you have heard this one before, but it truly is the most important factor when it comes to weight loss. We all know that overeating is going to lead to weight gain but can under eating really lead to weight gain too? Yes! Most people think all they have to do is cut their calories down as low as possible and BAM! weight loss! Not quite. Although your body might lose some weight at first you will hit a weight loss plateau very quickly. The idea of starvation mode is not a myth. Your body’s number one goal is survival. When you begin to cut calories under your bodies basic needs, all body function slows down, yes, this means your metabolism. (follow the link to our starvation mode article)

Personal trainer’s tip to improve your diet:

 Moderate calorie diets no less than 1200 calories. Eat more protein from lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish. Increase vitamin and mineral intake with fruits and vegetables. Carbs are important even with their negative rep but it’s important to understand when and which ones! Fats in moderation with an emphasis on healthy fats.

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Weight loss problem 2 – Workout Intensity

A great workout is all based on intensity. You can go to the gym for 3 hours a day but are you really getting a good workout in? Most likely not. A lot of people think its all about time spent in the gym. Wrong. It’s more about being effective with your time and your workout. Keeping the intensity full throttle for 30 minutes straight will beat a lackluster 3 hour workout any day. 

Personal trainer’s tip for workout intensity:

Supersets and circuit training. Supersets are two exercises performed back to back with no rest usually working opposite muscles groups. Circuit training is when you take several exercises and perform them back to back to back. Then take a short break and repeat for as many rounds as needed. Another great tool to increase your intensity in the gym is a personal trainer

Weight loss problem 3 – Lack of Lean Muscle Tissue

The most common myth “If you want to lose weight do a lot of cardio!“. Yes, cardio is important but your body composition   (what your body is made up of ) is just as important. A person that is 5’6 at 135 lbs can look better than someone at 120 lbs. Muscle to fat ratio, cardio will help you lose weight, but it won’t help you increase lean muscle tissue (lean muscle also means defined not  bulky).Lean muscle tissue will help you lose weight in the long run, the more muscle in your body, the quicker your metabolism, allowing your body for optimal Calorie burning.

Personal trainer’s tip to increase lean muscle tissue:
(*not necessarily get bulky)

Strength training in combination of resistance training. This can be done in various ways including dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, and body weight exercises. Remember! Cardio does not necessarily mean run on a tread mill. Cardio means increase your heart rate. Which makes intensity and pace (#2) very important! 

 By: Robert Jost
Personal Trainer
NSCA-cpt, ACE-cpt

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