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New Years is often a time of “New year new me” mentality. Understanding that there is a problem and wanting to make a change is the first step. The second step is setting yourself up for success. In the New years Resolution process to success, we shared the importance of understanding the purpose, the plan and the focus/visualization. Once the foundation for your new vision of success is established, there are seven points that follow.

visualize your goals

Write them down: Paint the picture of your definition of success, so you truly understand it. See how it fits into your life and how it’ll be committed to your new lifestyle. Often what makes sense in your mind, once written is missing a few pieces. Find clarity, work it out on paper.

Write it every day and keep it visible: When you wake up commit it to paper and while you get ready keep it in front of you. On the mirror while you brush your teeth, on the stove while you make your eggs set your mind for a day of success. This way the vision is reinforced and made a priority.

Win the war not just ONE battle: Your final goal is your vision, when setting time tables, keep it flexible. Urgency is important but also remembering that the big picture is just as important. If you miss by a little bit, make sure the next marker you hit by a little extra. Win the war not just one battle.

Make it Measurable: How will you keep tabs on your progress? Weight, body fat, pictures, ability to exercises, exercise intensity; set many markers in case one area begins to plateau it doesn’t feel like its all a loss.

There is a passion for the purpose: Everyone wants to be “in shape” but not everyone wants to make the sacrifices necessary to be “in shape”. Understand your motivation and if it isn’t enough to get you out of bed or put down that favorite pastry, then keep brainstorming. The goal must be greater than the possible obstacles.

Understand the obstacles keeping you from success: Understand the obstacles and find powerful solutions that will help you achieve success. If you know there is a certain weekly ritual that is unavoidable, find a way to minimize the damage.

The battles that we have with ourselves, our schedules, our commitments are often challenging. There is always a solution available even if it isn’t directly in front of us. Making a change takes time, patience, perseverance and faith! Create a strategy, start the strategy and then make sure to assess the findings. Starting on a new journey is never easy but  remember, the reward is in the journey!

Kirill Vaks

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