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4 Most common weight loss obstacles to overcome

weight loss tips

Personal training, diets, habits, and The New Year:

Small changes, over time, lead to big changes. The big change usually does not present itself  until the change is out of control. Then, like many, The New Year comes around and resolutions are set but the plan is a temporary ! Understanding how the life puzzle is structured, allows for true solutions and applicable habits, that overtime will become the dominant habits. The life puzzle will be altered and success attained! With all that said, here are 4 of the most common obstacles.

Don’t take away… Add:

Don’t start dieting and don’t wait until January 1st to start. The usual plan, no carbs and eat less. Instead, here are 3 things to add into your diet that may promote weight loss/inches dropping:

Please keep in mind, these are tips and may not be meant for everyone. Depending on allergies and health history. Please make sure to check with your doctor before adding any of the tips below.

  • Get results with Training Aspects trainingIncrease water intake. Water is an essential variable in health success. When people talk about their metabolism, one of the best ways to help the metabolism, drink more water. Technically, 80-100 fl.oz is need for women and 100-120 fl.oz is needed for men. However, if you currently drink  2 regular bottles a day (that means you have about 30-40 fl. oz a day. Make a goal of doubling that. Get a clear water bottle(at least 36 fl.oz)  that will remind you to keep drinking or set alarms for yourself. Your choice, just drink more water!
  • Hit your protein intake goal. No, not eat high protein and low carb. Just make sure to eat enough protein in a day. Protein needs vary between individuals. For the average person with no true health issues,  divide your weight by 2.2 then multiply by 1.4. If you’re already active or extremely active multiply by 1.8-2.2 . Example, if you weigh 165lbs. 165/2.2= 75 then take 75 and multiply by 1.4.
    75 x 1.4= 105. Eat 105grams of protein a day. This doesn’t mean you can eat as much carb or fats, as you’d like but if you eat enough protein it may help keep the cravings and help decrease the desire of overeating .
  • Increase fiber intake through out the day. Fiber needs range between 25-30g for women and 30-35g for men. Nuts, seeds, beans, fruits veggies are all good choices to increase fiber numbers. Fiber is great for helping insulin stability, as well as, satiety.

This task becomes much easier if food logging is a daily activity. Whether by hand or with an app. My fitness pal* and lose it* are good tools that are free and you can get it in the app store (it may prompt you to sign up for the paid version, it’s helpful but not essential, free version works just fine). The things that are learned when food logging are eye opening.

You time:

Many ways to go with this one. Kids, work, meetings, friends, family, commitments, obligations… the list can get lengthy. When identifying the current schedule, change the mind set from “everyone needs me, and if I’m not there, everything will collapse” to “I know I’m great and everyone needs me but where can I make 20mins to an hour happen for me time”. The world will survive for an hour. Stop giving everyone, including your kids, all of your time. Your time, is your time, even if it’s 20mins. Make

it valuable, a workout doesn’t mean sweaty and needing a shower. It also doesn’t mean there needs to be gym equipment or a gym membership. Depending on your goal, pull up bar, squats and push ups or find a walking path, use the emergency stairs or even the stairs at home. A workout doesn’t have to be intense to start. “Your time” and Nothing disturbs your time! The assignment, work, the kids, the dog or whatever else can wait 20mins. Your health and abilities must be a priority. Plan your workout and make it an appointment that is not flexible. The same goes for food. If meal prepping isn’t an option. The night before decide where and when you will eat. Put that into your schedule, Non-negotiable. Don’t get stuck with the “I had no choice” excuse. There is always a choice, prepare the night before and when it comes to food, you’ll never utter the words “I had no choice”.

No Gym membership, no problem:


One of the great parts of the identifying stage, is realizing what were some of the good habits that are no longer present. If you had a dog and used to walk the dog twice a day for 30-45mins. Job/career change and the current one is in a chair. Competed in a sport or activity. Though workouts are beneficial, not being able to get to the gym or not wanting to pay for a gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t workout.

  • Variations of Push ups, squats, lunges pull ups (amazon, $25 bar and put it in  most doorways),plank, burpee, get ups.
  • Go for a walk, Walk the stairs (home, work or park), mountain climbers, jumping jacks, running man, step ups, jump rope ($5-10 on amazon),

These are all basic exercises which can be done pretty much anywhere! Check out our youtube page or check out our training app with Stan, our virtual trainer.

Create your own success story:

“Did you hear? John started this diet and lost 20lbs in the first month!” Good for John! John committed and his body reacted immediately! Unfortunately, Your health variables for success, may not be the same as John’s, physically, mentally, timely etc. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for another. This is why identifying your personal needs are so important, before committing to any program. Yes, there is a need for discipline and will power! Especially, as you begin the journey. Don’t let other people’s results discourage you, the comparison isn’t equal. Instead, Let those stories encourage you that it is possible! Look into what you’re committing to. Is the program that they committed to, the right program for you? Don’t force it! If you can’t commit, your just setting yourself up for failure. However, because you identified your habits, you can figure out, quickly, what you can and can’t commit to. Start there!

New year’s resolution Success:

The new years resolution is one of the most exciting times in the fitness world. People are excited for the new year and are ready to change their life. It is a wonderful time, challenge your discipline and commitment-muscle but start with a challenge that is manageable. Check back monthly on the habits that are being created and if you’re ready, progress them to the next level! Make health and fitness a priority and be the success story that everyone talks about!


Kirill Vaks
Sports performance movement specialist

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