New years resolutions… Guide to success

The S.M.A.R.T. system for goal setting is often used for individual, team and corporate environments. It is very logical and precise. However, goal setting only works if the purpose fits in line with the rest of the person’s world.  3 steps before you begin the Smart method.

The Purpose:

What is your purpose

Set your self up for success. Whatever your goal is, take a step back and ask yourself a few things. 1. Is this truly my goal, why? Then write every thought. Then ask yourself why are those things important to you. Example Looking better, being healthier, having more energy, running around with your kids, are all logical and have some emotion but get away from logic and find that deeper meaning. Then when you finish writing that, ask your self one more time but this time go a little deeper,  Why ? 2. Do you truly want this goal and are you willing/able to make sacrifice for that goal. If you want to lose 20-30lbs in 12 weeks but aren’t ready or able to commit the changes you may want to rethink your goal. A goal only works if you truly commit to overcoming the obstacles and challenges ahead, no turning back.  3. Don’t just set the goal for a specific date, whats the plan after that, you’ve invested money, time, hard work and now you’re just going to go back to your old habits?… “No way”, “Of course I’m going to keep going, just maybe not as disciplined”, “trust me I can do this I have great will power”. All normal responses, and at the time the mindset is on winning, accomplishing that goal of looking a certain way or fitting into that dress, or that old jacket. It’s good to have a short term goal but create a “vision goal” once you accomplish that short term goal then set the goal for the long term, don’t waste the time, effort and money achieving your short term goal then go back to your old habits.

The Plan:

Whats your planThe Training Aspects Puzzle, our actions, likes, dislikes, hobbies, habits etc. are puzzle pieces in “Your” puzzle. Your favorite Celebrity, athlete , teacher, family member have their own puzzle. Stop trying to fit their puzzle pieces into your puzzle. Develop a system that will work for “your” specific puzzle. Committing to a vegetarian diet, because your best friend did it and looks leaner and healthier does not mean that puzzle piece will fit in your life. If you were motivated by your best friends results to make a lifestyle change, Fantastic! Now sit down and think about your health, not the specific goal of weight loss. What can you do to become more healthy? If you don’t know, maybe you should find an expert in the field ( Don’t worry you can check that part off, we’re going to help you with that.). Your life has various commitments, ones that you are able to give up, ones that you may give up but may be challenging and ones that are unbreakable commitments. This exercises is very important, forget about the amazing results your friend or anyone else got (that’s not your puzzle) focus in on what you are capable and willing to change. For example, Don’t stop at Dunkin donuts for a coffee with 2 sugars and extra cream, or instead of eating at the local pizza place around work bring a lunch or go to a deli. Start taking the stairs, start going to the gym 3xs a week (you don’t need to make yourself sore, just create the habit of going). What can you add into your life that’s easy. Start creating the habit.

The Action

Focus on the goalNow that you know what you are willing, not willing and what habits fit into your life, let’s figure out your short term goal and the vision goal. When you’re at the bottom of a mountain it looks like a long way up, understand you’re goal is to get to the top (the Visionary goal) but focus on one point that you can see the obstacles and challenges you’ll need to overcome. Once you get there set your sights on the next point, understand your obstacles/ challenges as best as you can then get to that point. Repeat this process until you achieve the vision you set out for yourself.

Bringing it all together

  1. The purpose: Understand why you want to start working out. Yes, you want to get healthier, more fit, lose weight but when you really understand why you’re doing something, when you’re tired, not in the mood, have a more fun option, fitness becomes a priority, not a choice. Understand why you are investing your valuable time into this program and we promise true results.
  2. The plan: What obstacles do you need to overcome and how can you put yourself in the best situation to win. Do not focus on how quickly your friend or whoever lost weight/bodyfat, the obstacles and challenges in their life may be different. Focus on your puzzle and what commitments you can commit to. You’ll get there! Win the day, over and over again and you will win th week.. the month.. the year!
  3. The Vision: Have your short term goal set up but remember its a lifestyle change so reach for the top of the mountain not just the first peak. The Long term goal is what will keep you acting on your goals and keep you focused on achieving success.

Kirill Vaks



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