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Weight loss Habits:Top 5 Don’ts

Top 5 weight loss don’ts Habits will form the foundation for success or failure.  Even though it may seem like  common sense, this is not a trivial topic.  These five habits can sabotage any man or woman’s weight-loss ambitions. Personal trainer don’t #1: Don’t keep any food by the bed.  When someone is idle, whether […]

Starvation mode deciphered

Starvation mode, what is it? I read a blog the other day that stated “the idea of starvation mode is a myth”, stated by a woman who began an intense training regimen with a scarce diet.  She lost an enormous amount of weight and began the blog to share her success and fight against the […]

3 reasons for your weight gain

3 reasons you are gaining weight In the days of the caveman, the human species hunted for food.  If they didn’t hunt, they didn’t eat.  It was a different life.  Diets and calorie counting were irrelevant.  Today, food is readily available, and has tipped to the other extreme, over-eating. Three signals need to be avoided […]

Fats, Proteins, Carbs: Macro-nutrient Density

Macro-nutrient density Now that we’re building a healthy mind set, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of what’s good and what’s better left at the store. Macro-nutrients: Macro-nutrients are nutrients which fuel the body. The main three are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 2 Types of Carbohydrates: Simple- need little if any digestion […]