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The one exercise that is needed for health and fitness success

THE MIRACLE PILL:  Every few months, the fitness industry lets out a new super nutrient/vegetable/food/workout, usually some new “Amazing” product. The cure or solution to everyone’s health and fitness problems. Interestingly, 6-8 months later, there is a new and better product/service. There is no 1 product that is the solution to every problem. A person […]

No diet or workout can fix bad habits

Truly succeed with your 2020 new year’s resolution The 3 pieces of habit you didn’t realize are Essential for Health and fitness Success in 2020: The 3 pieces of habit formation that you must keep in mind while creating your New Year’s resolutions. I hear many share the popular “No great workout out runs a […]

The athlete versus the sport

Sports Training for Athlete Development Versus Sport Development:  3 Thoughts Shared by a Sports Performance Coach: “If I, as an athlete, eat, sleep and breathe… the sport I play… I will have the chance to become a professional and compete in the game I love as a career.” Consuming yourself with the sport you love […]

Sports performance Fancy Versus Simple 3 thoughts

Sports Performance – 3 simple thoughts Fancy versus Simple. Yes, having a machine that lifts the weights for your clients is great, but that may also go against the principal of overload. Just kidding.. kind of… 3 things that drive me crazy about the fitness and yes, sport performance world. 1. What’s the hot piece […]

6 Strength and power tips for optimal performance

Top 6 Strength and power tips for Optimal performance Request Tuesday!  The people have spoken, here are 6 tips to increase strength and power. Strength and power Tip 1: Understand your sport The sport that you’re are training for is important to understand. If you play a sport that allows you to get on and […]