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Sports performance Fancy Versus Simple 3 thoughts

Sports Performance – 3 simple thoughts Fancy versus Simple. Yes, having a machine that lifts the weights for your clients is great, but that may also go against the principal of overload. Just kidding.. kind of… 3 things that drive me crazy about the fitness and yes, sport performance world. 1. What’s the hot piece […]

6 Strength and power tips for optimal performance

Top 6 Strength and power tips for Optimal performance Request Tuesday!  The people have spoken, here are 6 tips to increase strength and power. Strength and power Tip 1: Understand your sport The sport that you’re are training for is important to understand. If you play a sport that allows you to get on and […]

Top 5 Sports performance myths

Top 5 sports performance myths Sports performance is a broad topic when thinking about the various sports: Hockey, lacrosse, dance, wrestling, gymnastics etc. Each sport has its section of myths, for now we’ll start with the big 5 that cross the majority of the sports.  Myth 1: Yoga is great for athletes, it makes them […]

6 Week Body Melt Challenge

6 Week Body Melt Challenge   How It Works: Set Your Appointment with one of our Fitness Specialists Set Realistic Goals in Strength, Mobility and Body Fat Loss Hit your goals and get a free month of Group sessions! What You’ll Get: 2x a week small group sessions Nutrition Guidance Goal check-ins 24/7 access to […]

How to Properly Transition to Barefoot Training

As we stated in our last article the transition to barefoot shoes should be gradual! Many people have movement pattern issues that need to be addressed prior to making the transition. This will reduce the risk of injury and keep you moving toward your goals! Common Movement Pattern Issues Tight Ankles This is one of the most […]