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Eat with Purpose:4 steps to fitness success

4 steps to Success weight loss success Right now, we’re developing a healthy fitness mindset.  You wrote down three days of everything that you have ingested (food and liquid, even that little tootsie roll that you may have forgotten).  You have a good idea of what changes you have made and have stuck to them […]

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Eat with purpose: We’re all addicts

Diets are not the answer So if the popular diets are not the answer, what should I do, Mr. personal trainer!? Honestly, diets are never the answer. This Fitness specialist believes in the Training Aspects’ way of making habits stick: “An extreme change lasts a month, a lifestyle change lasts a lifetime.” The majority of […]

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Eat with purpose:Get thin quick myths

Myths of getting thin quick Today’s Methodologies: THE “GET THIN QUICK SCHEMES” “Let’s get rid of Carbs”: Personal trainer’s feedback: If you need to focus, have effective workouts, want to burn fat instead of muscle, lose inches and so on. This may not work very well. “Eat 500 Calories (Kcal) & Tread Mill”: Personal trainer’s […]

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New year’s Phenomenon: 3 steps to staying discipline

3 Steps to accomplishing your New year’s Resolution The fitness Industry’s most popular time! You sign up for that gym membership and promise yourself that when January 1st comes around you’ll be up at 5am, at the gym by 6 and off to work by 7:15. For the veterans, “Why is this place so packed?… […]

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