Kirill Vaks




-Official Trainer of Miss New Jersey for Miss America 2013-present
-Trained Miss NJ for Miss America, Rated 6th best body in Miss America 2015
– Assisted with strength and conditioning for the
NHL Philadelphia Flyers prospects training camp
– Developed a full body power system for athletes
– Combination of Neurological and physical testing
-Led seminars on Fitness & Nutrition at Rutgers University 2010-2013
– Leads  fitness and nutrition seminars in South Jersey’s public schools
– Spoke at New York’s Mt. Sinai about Training during pregnancy
– Developed The 3-stage Lifestyle Change Nutrition plan


Rutgers University, Bachelors of Arts and Sciences:  Psychology

Training: Certifications

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist,Certification:  CSCS
Increased Performance: *Strength* Power* Speed*Endurance* Agility etc.

Fitness Expert, Certification: ACSM-CPT
*Weight Loss*Weight Gain* Overall performance*

Youth Training, Certification IYCA
Development of strength, through increased neurological adaption

– Completed Camden County College’s personal training program,
– Attended various training lectures as well as passed their exams
(NESTA, AFPA, Power Plate, Kettle Bell Concepts)


Nutrition Specialist, Certification: NFPT-SNS
– Nutrition density: For weight loss, weight gain and overall performance
– Nutrition timing:
For most effective training and overall recovery

 – Studied at La Salle University under top Professors of dietetics.
– Brookbush Institute: Dysfunction screening specialist


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My passion for training began at a young age. Until the age of 8, I was fragile, in and out of hospitals, and on various medications for asthma. Deciding to make a change…

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