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Personal Trainer Quick Tip! How Stretching Relates to Performance

Personal Trainer Quick Tip! When and How You Stretch Can Determine Performance! To stretch or not to stretch pre-workout that is the question. There are two main types of stretching, static and dynamic. Static stretching, Holding a stretch for 20-30 seconds per muscle group (Ex. touching toes for hamstrings), is what most people are familiar […]

Personal Trainer Quick Tip! The Importance of Mineral Consumption: Selenium and Iron

Importance of Mineral Consumption! Selenium and Iron Selenium Selenium is essential for promotion of growth, anti-aging, anti-cancerous, cure of dermatitis, assists the function of vitamin E, increase and strengthening of semen, recovery of eyesight. Deficiencies: Can cause circulatory problems, increased blood cholesterol, and loss of energy. Selenium Rich Foods: Brazil nuts, oysters, tuna, whole wheat […]

Cherry Hill Personal Trainer’s Top 10 Reasons to Increase Water Consumption

Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Drinking More Water Today! We have all been told at some time or another to consume more water. It’s good for you they say, but what does that exactly mean? We’re going to dive deeper into what really makes water so beneficial  Personal Trainer Reason #1: Body Composition  Your […]

Healthier Paella with chicken, leeks and tarragon

Personal Trainer’s Healthier Paella with chicken, leeks and tarragon Paella is a Spanish dish that combines saffron-flavored rice, garlic, onions, peas, tomatoes, and meat or shellfish.  In this version, tarragon is substituted for saffron and chicken stands in for spicy chorizo sausage.  This is a fantastic meal to make for a crowd and will be […]

Cherry Hill Personal Trainer Addresses the Importance of Mineral Consumption: Zinc and Manganese

 Personal Trainer’s Quick Hit of Knowledge: The Importance of Mineral Consumption! Zinc and Manganese Zinc: Essential in creation of enzymes and hormones, synthesis of protein, control of cholesterol, prevention of arterial-sclerosis, cure of cuts, and an ingredient of insulin. Deficiencies: Can cause problems with reproductive functions, irregular development of taste organs, growth of the prostate […]

Quick Hits of Knowledge! The Importance of Mineral Consumption: Sodium and Magnesium

Personal Trainer Discusses the Importance of Mineral Consumption! Sodium and Magnesium Minerals, unlike protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, cannot be produced by the body. That’s why it’s essential to consume them through your diet. Today we will be looking at the benefits of sodium and magnesium. Sodium Sodium promotes metabolism, nerve control, and regulates physiological […]

Personal Trainer Reveals How to Overcome Your Training Plateaus

Top 5 Ways to Overcome Your Training Plateaus! Hitting a fitness plateau is a common phenomenon. Your strength increases, muscle gains and/or fat loss come to a screeching halt. Why does this happen? How can you get back to achieving fitness results? Why Do Training Plateaus Occur? Unfortunately, overwhelming results will begin to taper off. […]

Healthier Black Bean Brownies

Personal Trainer’s Healthier Black Bean Brownies I have been in a baking mood recently, but it is so hard to find a dessert recipe that is not loaded with fat and sugar, while also being delicious.  This recipe is a spin on traditional fudge brownies, and I promise, not even the pickiest eater will know […]

Quick Hits of Knowledge: The Importance of Mineral Consumption! Calcium and Phosphorus

Personal Trainer Discusses the Importance of Mineral Consumption! Calcium and Phosphorus Many people neglect the importance of proper mineral intake. Each mineral is essential and has a specific function in the body. Today we will discuss calcium and phosphorus. Calcium Essential for bone and tooth formation, protects nerve cells and prompts blood coagulation. Calcium deficiencies […]