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3 tips for summer

 3 tips for summer- Personal training success   It’s June, school is almost out, the weather is beautiful, days are longer and schedules are going to start changing. Whether your goal is a perfect beach body or to get better for your next sports season, pay attention to the following 3 tips and get moving […]

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How Much Does Hydration Really Affect Muscle Strength?

Hydration and Muscle Strength, Does It Really Matter? Whether you are strength training, looking to lose weight, or going for athletic performance your hydration levels will dictate how well you do. Your muscles are comprised of 70-75% water. Just a 3% dehydration of a muscle can lead to a 10% decrease in muscle strength and performance. […]

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The magic “weight loss” Pill

Continuation from last week’s article If I said, take this pill. You’ll lose all the weight that you desire but the side effects are you’ll have trouble walking, the pill causes extra wear and tear on the knees and back problems. Would you make that trade?   The “Magic” Weight loss Pill: Everyone is looking […]

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