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Unleash Your Potential: Discover the Benefits of Boxing

“Got Boxing? Boxing for You, Boxing for Everyone” Embracing Inclusivity: Boxing for Everyone” No matter your age, gender, body type, or background, boxing offers incredible benefits for everyone. As a boxing coach, allow me to illuminate the profound impact of stepping into a boxing gym, both physically and metaphorically. You might wonder if boxing aligns with […]

Shoulder Mobility Exercises for Hockey Players

Boost Your Game: Top Shoulder Mobility Exercises for Hockey Players In hockey, shoulders often bear the brunt of strain due to the constant need to keep the stick in front, and react quickly to the puck, often leading to limited mobility as the season goes on. Don’t worry, we have a few stretches that will […]

TA Boxing Hoodie system

Training Aspects Boxing Belt System (Hoodie system) Why the  Belt System: There are many martial arts disciplines, one of which, in our opinion, holds the most weight in belt ranking is jujitsu. Earning the belt comes with not just theory and ability to perform but the ability to apply, teach, and adapt. Having good technique […]

10 Benefits of Shadow Boxing – Elevate Your Boxing Performance

What is Shadow Boxing? We’ve all been in our local supermarket, gym, shopping mall or even on break at work and have witnessed someone fighting the air or what seems to be an imaginary opponent, right? Well, that’s called Shadow boxing and 9 times out of 10, the individual you observed practicing it, is probably […]

Unlocking 5 Benefits of Jumping Rope

“Jumping Rope Enhances Your Athletic Performance”   Explore the multifaceted advantages of jumping rope and elevate your exercise routine to new heights. Embrace this dynamic activity for a healthier, more energized you. Dynamic Warm-up: Incorporate jumping rope for a high energy warm-up to kickstart your workout. Elevate your heart rate and enhance blood circulation quickly, […]

Slow Feet? How to increase Acceleration

How to Increase Acceleration   How to Increase Acceleration? Improving first 3 steps: What is acceleration? Acceleration is being able to “change direction in a high velocity” or often referred to in hockey as “first 3 steps”. Within the first 3 strides, you will know who’s going to win the “race to the puck”.  Overlooked […]

The top 3 reasons why your results are plateauing

The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Results are Plateauing Training for performance or just for health is a great experience of growth, but when the excitement of progress begins to dwindle, it’s natural to wonder “Why the plateau?” I will uncover the top three reasons that might be thwarting your results. Let’s navigate the challenge […]

3 ways Boxing training will elevate your hockey player

3 ways Boxing training help your Hockey player “I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out” – Rodney Dangerfield. Hockey is a game of speed, agility, change of direction, power, and of course, finesse. In a very similar way, boxing movements and athletic needs are great ways to complement […]

Win Your Morning!

Win Your Morning! ????? There are countless distractions that you endure on a daily basis, whether you realize it or not. Your phone  or smart watch alone have 50+ apps that have notifications that pop up every few minutes. You have co-workers that ask you questions in the middle of doing something. It’s almost miraculous […]