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Every sport is unique, thus, athletes focus their training on the specific needs of their sport. Hockey players need to be able to last 45-60 sec at a time for 3 periods, Marathon runners rarely lift weights, a wide receiver needs to have an efficient stride and stride rate. Each of these athletes conditions their body specifically to their sport. Makes sense! It is crucial to focus on the most important skills and strengthen them, right? Or is there a better way?


Full Body Synergy = Lasting Sports Performance

The Majority of Sports Training programs do not attend to the athlete as a complex being. Instead they create the same program for athletes in the same sport, even if their body varies in range of motion, length, body synergy and overall genetic strengths and weaknesses. If a program is not developed with these specific needs in mind, the athlete will never attain their full potential.

Sports Performance Pre-hab:

Training Aspects sports performance training  programs focus on the game day needs of each sport as well as the needs of the body. The most talented players in any sport are ineffective if consistently injured. We will take you through a proven method of  body mobility tests to find your weak points and develop a sports specific program that will enhance your game day skills but also incorporates those weaknesses and turns them into strengths. 

Full body power:

Too many athlete training programs focus on singular muscle groups as if they are separate entities. A boxer may use the arm to punch, a tennis player may use their arm to serve, a hockey player may check with the shoulder and a sprinter may sprint with their legs, but in each case the athlete produces their highest power potential with just that specific body part? The ability to generate your optimal force comes from the ability of your body working as one.  “Practice reflects gameday performance”  the same goes for the way you train outside of your sport. Muscle isolation can be a hazard for athletes.

Though their are times to key in on specific muscle groups, our main goal is to allow your body to produce its greatest  potential of power. Through various advanced training techniques we will get your body into sync and performing on a new level.

Sports Performance Recovery:

Working hard and pushing your body to the limit is important, but giving your body time to recover is just as important.  Through Training aspects’ nutrition techniques and technology, we can help you decrease the time it takes for your body to recover.  The body usually takes between 48-72hrs to recover, the Training Aspect’s recovery program helps allow the body to recover within  24-48hrs.

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