The Training Aspects personal training Specials and discounts are set up to show, if you commit to us we will commit to you. The goals we set out to accomplish take a team effort. We realize personal training can be expensive but it’s an investment in your health! No matter your situation, we will try to find a way to make those goals a reality!

Personal Training Specials (1-1)

* Buy 8 personal training sessions and get:

  • An additional 2 sessions
  • A Training Aspects’ shirt
  • (1) Bring a partner session

* Buy 15 or more personal training sessions and get:

  • An additional 3 sessions
  • A Training Aspects’ Hoodie
  • (2) bring a partner sessions

Small group classes (2-4 people):

*Create a small group class and receive your first month of sessions 50% off!

  • All group members receive a Training Aspects shirt
  • Increased motivation
  • 50% off only applies to the person who organized the group.

*Create a small group and buy 3 months worth of sessions:

  • The group’s 4th month rate will be 50% off! The months following will be 20% off!
  • Training Aspects shirts for the whole group
  • Each group member may bring a guest one time in a month cycle


*Refer 3 friends to our facebook, youtube & twitter account and get a free 30min session!
(Have them click on the subscribe/follow links at the bottom right corner of this web page.)

*Referer a new personal training client and receive 2 free sessions, Plus a TA hoodie! **

*Refer a new Small group and receive 3 training sessions and a TA hoodie!**

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** Referred Personal training client or group, must sign up for a minimum of 6 sessions for person referring to receive sessions and TA hoodie.