Voorhees,NJ Body Challenge: Training Aspects’ Boot Camp

Voorhees, Nj Body Challenge: Training Aspects’ Boot camp

Trx and KettlbellsTraining Aspects is excited to begin this summer’s body challenge, Saturday June 29th, 2013 at 11am. Body challenge is a full body, high intensity personal training session for large groups. It is the evolved form of a boot camp class. The focus is to increase body mobility and overall performance, which leads to physical training results. Though this large group, high intensity, personal training session is difficult, all training levels are welcome!

The Training Aspects’ Voorhees Body challenge / Boot Camp overview:

Location for Boot camp : 1150 White horse rd. Voorhees, NJ 08043.

Duration of Voorhees Boot camp: Between 30-45mins

Environment for the Voorhees Boot camp: The class will be held in the old Bally’s parking lot next to Smoothie King. It will most likely be hot, so bring a water bottle and a hand towel. It is important to stay hydrated! We will have a water cooler, but come prepared!

Group training methods for Voorhees Boot camp:
Before you watch some of the training techniques, do not get Intimidated! There are modifications for each training exercise, and remember! It is better to start somewhere then to wish and never get started.


“Time spent wishing is time wasted”

TRX- follow the link to see various trx exercises

Kettlebells- This link will take you to a  sample kettlebell workout.

Sprints- example of 4 corner sprints, a very effective sprint exercise

Plyometrics- Le tigre is a burpiee, squat jump and explosive push up all in one.

Body weight exercises: a plank combination for all levels

What to bring For Voorhees Boot camp:

Water bottle: As mentioned earlier, it will be very warm/ hot outside. Very important to stay hydrated!

Hand towel: expect a lot of sweat!

Training gloves: There will be a few exercises done on the grass, if you are worried about your hands, wear gloves!

Other notes For Voorhees Boot camp:
  • Please plan to arrive at 10:50, it makes set up and start up much easier and we thank you in advance.
  •  If there is rain, Boot camp will be cancelled.
Prices For Voorhees Boot camp:
  • Drop in fee 1 session: $15
  • 4 sessions for the month: $40
  • 8 sessions for the summer: $65


Training Aspects’  personal trainers and sports performance coaches want you to accomplish your goals. You, as the personal training client, are a reflection of our personal training and group training methods! We are here to help you accomplish all of your personal training goals!  Our main training focus are people looking to increase performance, lose weight , lose body fat and increase lean muscle. Whether you live in Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Marlton, or any of the other surrounding areas we are here to help you Move, Look and feel as you’ve always desired…

Take action… Now! 

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