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[alertbox color=”yellow” icon=”star1″ textcolor=”#545252″]It is my pleasure to give my full recommendation to Kirill Vaks and Training Aspects. Kirill is a dynamic combination of energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge. He is completely dedicated to health and fitness with the distinct ability to motivate any one. As a friend and a colleague, I would not hesitate to recommend Kirill and Training Aspects to any person who wants to step their game up to the next level. Kirill has demonstrated an unwavering passion for all of his clients and he will do the same for YOU. If you want the BEST in personal training and athletic performance, look no further than Kirill Vaks and Training Aspects.

~ David M. Kittle, PT, DPT[/alertbox]

[alertbox color=”green” icon=”star1″ textcolor=”#545252″]Kirill from Training Aspects is an extremely motivated and enthusiastic personal trainer who works tirelessly for his clients to meet their goals.  He stays up to date with the latest techniques and guarantees a great workout.  His personalized attention is second to none.  Kirill has a bright future in the industry as he continues to help people reach their fitness goals.  Keep up the good work!

Annette C. Abbate, PT, DPT[/alertbox]

[alertbox color=”yellow” icon=”star1″ textcolor=”#545252″]Kirill is an energetic and motivational personal trainer who will address your specific exercise needs and goals. He shapes each exercise program uniquely for every individual combining a variety of workout routines, exercises and nutrition to meet your personal goals. Kirill’s training strategy addresses the individual holistically to improve one’s quality of life. Take on the challenge and see for yourself!”

Sheila Moyle, M.O.T, OTR/L[/alertbox]

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