Robert Jost: Personal Trainer & Exercise Specialist

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Associates Degree in Occupational Studies from Pinnacle Career Institute

Training :

 NSCA-Certified PT

 ACE-Certified PT

 AHA CPR/AED Certified

Nutrition : 

In the process of becoming a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist


History : 

As a kid I always loved being active whether it was playing hockey, football, or skateboarding. I was always in need of activity. It was in 7th grade, I remember, lifting my first weight in P.E. class. I was incredibly weak at the time but the thought of progression and becoming stronger had me hooked. Once I hit high school, I fell in love with working out and was constantly in the gym after school.  I finally got out of high school and became more educated in health and fitness, then I realized my high school workouts were highly ineffective and I needed to learn more! Since then, I have gone on to earn two of the top certifications in the fitness field. It wasn’t until I met Kirill though, that I realized how much more was out there, information is never ending and my true passion for training and need to be on the cutting edge fired up. The training Aspects training styles are unique and extremely effective, none compare!  

Our Goal :

To help you realize your full potential, by pushing you past what you thought was physically possible and instilling the will in you to become the strongest and best version of yourself!

 Contact us and we can embark on this journey together!

I look forward to hearing from you soon… just contact us now!

– Robert Jost

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