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The Personal Training Process: Action Steps

Schedule Consultation

Take the first step of achieving your personal training goals and schedule the initial consultation with a Training Aspects’ personal trainer.  Make  a Phone call, email, text, facebook us, mail, we’ll leave the choice up to you.


Each Training Aspects personal trainer will begin by discussing with you your training history, an average day in your life, what your goals are, and will then personalize a personal training plan for success! 

Physical Assessment

Once personal training goals and history are assessed, a Training Aspects personal trainer will conduct a physical assessment. The assessment consists of a movement screen, flexibility test, strength test, endurance test as well as measurements and body fat testing. This step is critical! It allows a Training Aspects Personal trainer and exercise specialist understand your specific needs and put you into a position to most efficiently succeed!  


Now the easy part, start training! Once a Training Aspects personal trainer assesses your wants and needs, they will put the most effective plan into action for your fast paced lifestyle.  



After all the Kettlebell, Battle rope, body weight exercises, boxing, Bosu, core stabilization, sprints, plyos, sweat (hopefully no tears), Results! Keep in mind, it’s only the beginning of the end of your personal training program! Hear what past Training Aspects training clients have said.


Battle ropes personal training

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If you are bored with your workouts, need a new workout, have a specific goal, need motivation, d
on’t keep doing the same ineffective personal training routine! We can help! With our high intensity personal training programs that are made specifically for you!


The Most Effective Training Program in South Jersey: VoorheesCherry Hill, Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


Up to date personal trainers

Don’t get stuck with 10 to 20 year old information! Training Aspects’ personal trainers have the highest acclaimed certifications as well as schooling. Training aspects is continually searching for more research to combine with its already proven methods.


Passionate personal trainers

How can you be motivated to workout when your trainer doesn’t seem motivated!? Training Aspects’ personal trainers are always ready to motivate and instruct. Helping people achieve their goals is our passion!


A world of exercises

Kettlebell training, Battle ropes, TRX, boxing, body weight exercises, bosu, core stability, plyometrics, sprint combinations and so much more. You will never get bored! We will keep challenging you, so you keep losing weight, gaining muscle or increasing performance.


24/7 personal training

Whether 2am or 2pm! Training Aspects Personal training is 24/7! If there is a slot open we will do our best to accommodate you!


Personal Training Special:

Among countless reasons, here are a few more:

You are a reflection of us! We are in this together!
We create programs for you even when we’re off the clock.
We help you create a life style change not just an extreme change.
We practice what we preach.

Directions to Training Aspects’ Personal training, Athletic performance and Nutrition studio in South Jersey: Voorhees – Cherry Hill – Marlton – Haddonfield and surrounding areas!

If we can’t effectively train you for your goal set, we will help you find an effective trainer who will. No charge! We are here for you!


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