Nika White

Nika White Personal Trainer Education: 

-Master of Science degree in Psychology
-Associate of Applied Science degree in Theater Arts

-NPTI of Philadelphia – Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
-KB Training Certification
-TRX Training Certification




A little note from Nika!

Hello !

Favorite phrase: “If you don’t hate your Personal Trainer *during* the workout, she/he’s not doing a good job”.
Though I have my masters in psychology, I am your trainer.  If all we do is talk you’ll never get any results! After the session, we have a keurig at Training Aspects, We can have some tea and we can talk ;)! 

When you decide to change your life,  it may not be easy! Old habits will try to creep back in! Infomercials and 7day quick fixes are a dime a dozen. You may have joined a gym and may be feeling uncoordinated, frustrated about being out of breath, out of place or not sure what you’re doing. Good news! You’re just starting, it’s normal! I can’t make you desire a healthy lifestyle, being stronger, leaner or fitter. However, if you’re ready to jump in, put your time in and work hard, I will do everything in my power to help you/ us succeed! We are a team and I take that very seriously. I look forward to meeting with you!

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